Homeless Veteran Program


Homeless Veterans Transition Program

Provides supportive housing services to include temporary transitional housing options while advocating, mentoring and improving housing stability.

  • Temporary shelter assistance provided
  • Aligning partners to support "One-Time" assistance
  • 2 week/ 30days contractual case management assisting in breaking barriers to homelessness
  • Applications for any and all services through Federal, State, Local and Non-Profit support
  • Outreach efforts identifying those requiring assistance
  • Community supportive services
  • Mentoring assistance


*This services is a donor/grant per diem service and free of no charge to Veterans, Service members and their dependents. Should you require these services and assistance reach out to us through the "contact us" page.

*Know a DD214 is required and the Veteran needs to have an Other than Dishonorable Discharge according to the Department of

Veterans Affairs Benefits Administration.


Cache Valley Veterans Affairs is seeking support through various needs to include volunteers, case managers, grants and donations. If your organization provides a Veterans service within the homeless population and we have not partnered with you we would love to hear from you to assist in optimizing this program. If you can assist through financial donations please click the "Donate" button at the top right had button above..