Who We Are

Cache Valley Veterans Association (CVVA) is a Veterans 501c19 Veterans Non-Profit who provides services and projects to assist Veterans here in the Cache Valley Community to include Franklin County Utah. We are Veterans serving Veterans. Our programs, projects and services are provided to the aproxemately 15,000 Veterans locally as well as the many active service members and their families. Our goal is to be the active agency providing services and resources due to the limited access to the Department of Veterans Affaris in SLC Utah. We are a rural community with limited Veterans resources and Cache Valley Veterans Association is here to break that barrier and serve to the best of our abilities. We provided servcies and resources to include homeless transition services, Veterans Benefits services, Veterans home accomodation, Veterans Service Animal projects and much more. 


How We Contribute

Our programs, services and projects are provided free to all Veterans, Service members and their families here in the Cache Valley community which includes all of Franklin County. Our goal is to help improve the quality of life for all in  this community. Our intent is to be the liason, community partner and resource. We have partnered with local, state and national Vetearns organizations, community non profits and state agencies as to ensure the resources already available hits this community as to help connect Veterans in need. We are a Veterans non profit therefore donations and grants helps us continue our massive efforts. We are geared and driven to help improve and optimize anything Veterans, Service members and families services, benefits and programs to break barriers and help improve the quality of life. We are Veterans helping Veterans, while serving this community. 



Our Projects

There are many projecets that we have to help with the many different needs. We provide these with the knowlege that we are all brothers and we need to help our brothers. With these we can make sure that we take care of each other.  Below are some of the programs we offer. Check our our resource page that provides the remaining projects. 

Homeless Veteran Transition Program

 Provides as services not available in Cache Valley. We help those in a homeless crisis obtain temporary shelter while working to break barriers that will help improve their current situation while also finding permanent housing. This service is a limited resource to those in dire needs and limited to funding and limited access to resources. We also partner with the local housing office BRAG and with the Homeless Veterans Fellowship to assist in the funding for permanent supportive housing services. We are geared towards a temporary financial serivces in that we can help with lodging services upon getting enrolled into our Veterans Transition program. 

Veterans Service Animal Project

This project provides supportive services by supporting local Veterans dealing with physical and mental health disabilities by providing service dogs with traning and certifications at no cost to the Veteran. 

Operation Veterans Rebuild

Cache Valley Veterans Association assists Veterans by providing accomodation servcies to their homes due to their disabilities. Our intent is to partner with local organizations,  retail outfits and non profits to help provide all nessesary upgrades and changes that will help improve the home of the Veteran in need.  This includes wheel chair ramps. handrails,  and more. 

Honor Guard Services

Provides fallen Veteran funeral services, Eagle Scout awards and posting of the colors within the community. This service connects Veterans to serving the community by getting them into their formal dress uniforms and serve their fallen fellow Veterans and or serving their community through formal Veterans Day events at local schools, grand openings and posting of the nations colors.  

Veteran Transition Program

 Providing workshops, benefits and programs to Veterans, Service members and their families linking them back to a single unit as a family after having served in the Military. These services inlcude financial support, counseling services and local resources. 

Meet The Team


Phillip Redlinger

Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Active Duty US Army



Richard Fillmer

Chief Operations Officer/Founder

Active Duty US Army 



Curtis Roche

Director of Ceremonies/Color Guard/Founder

Active Duty US Marine Corps



Laurie Redlinger 

Spouse US Army


Lee Crosby

US Army National Guard 



Tiffany (Hamilton) Morris

Active Duty US Army 



Ron Ringo

US Marine Corps, US Navy



Shirley Ringo

Spouse US Marine Corps, US Navy


Joni Kartchner

Chief Marketing Officer

Owner of Bradley Allen Interiors

1995- Current


Drew Wilson

Active Duty US Navy




US Marine Corps






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