Veterans Service Animal Project


Veterans interested in participating will need to fill out an application from Cache Valley Veterans Association, provide a DD214 as proof of their prior service, and a letter from their physician recommending a dog for a specific need.

Dogs are sourced from local shelters or rescues, if the Veteran does not already have a suitable dog. Arctic Rescue is making this possible and we also work with Y Not Save A Sam Rescue operated by Yvette here in Logan. These are amazing rescues who have a passion for saving the lives of the innocent and are grateful for the sacrifices of our Veterans.

VSAP’s goal is to be a $0 option for Veterans in need of a service animal thanks to the generosity of K9’s Unleashed Academy LLC. as our trainers. Veterans only classes begin with basic obedience through Canine Good Citizen-Urban, with service skill training following. Classes begin once four to five Veterans are ready to start.

If a fully trained service dog is not required, we can still help the Veteran obtain an Emotional Support Animal or pet through our local shelters and rescues. Those who adopt through rescues and shelters find themselves asking “who rescued whom?”

Fostering for the rescues mentioned above is extremely therapeutic as these abandoned and forgotten dogs can relate to many traits shared by Veterans. We will assist anyone, Veteran or not, who desires to help ease the burden these rescues bear and save innocent lives.

VSAP is in honor of James Lewis, 82nd Airborne OEF-Afghanistan Veteran and member of the 22. He was selfless in life and the greatest example of love and sacrifice to those who knew him. VSAP is this great Hero’s phoenix and legacy. All things we do, we do for James.